Chadaina 2021 postponed to 2022

Unfortunately, we had to stop the Chadaina 2021 planning with a heavy heart and postpone it until 2022, after long consideration of the pros and cons and above all uncertainties regarding the further course of Corona as well as financial risks for the club and the participants.

Chadaina 2019 is history, thanks for your useful and positive feedback, Chadaina 2021 planning started !

The "chadaina 2019" in Sardinia remains in good memory, your feedback has shown us that you and we enjoyed it very much. And already we started planning the next Chadaina with first ideas, also based on the great feedback from you participants! Be curious, there are a few good ideas! If you are interested you should mark the week from August 28th to September 4th 2021 in your calendar.

Registration for Chadaina 2019 is now closed!

Registering for «chadaina 2019» in Sardinia is no longer possible, and almost all organizational work is done - we're almost ready to go! Detailled information will be sent out to all participants shortly. There are still a few places left, so should you still want to register, please send us an email.

Sign up for Chadaina 2019 now - only a few spots available!

Registration for «chadaina 2019» in Sardinia is still open and possible, and almost all organizational work is done - it'll be cool! Note that registration will automatically close end of May, and that not many spots are left.  Click here to access Registration.

Registration for Chadaina 2019 now open!

Registration for «chadaina 2019» in the Sardines is now possible! Again, please note: Getting to the Sardines and back will have to be organised individually, and is not included in the price. Also, please make sure to confirm your registration via confirmation email you'll receive after registration. Click here to access registration: Registration form.

Teaser photos of our hotel for «chadaina 2019»

We'll stay here - and definitely have loads of fun!

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Garden of our part of the hotel
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Our conference room :-)
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Hotel pool

Registration for Chadaina 2019, taking place September 1 to 7 2019, opens November 15!

Registration for «chadaina 2019» in the Sardines opens November 15! Price for one week will be 550 Euro - please note: Getting to the Sardines and back will have to be organised individually, and is not included in the price. As a first for Chadaina, you'll decide for a group at the start - previously stressful "Runs" for inscribing into a day trip will no longer be required, allowing you to get used to your group and driving style during the week. Fur up-to-date news and updates, register for our newsletter (below).

The next Chadaina is coming up, and will take place first to seventh of september 2019 !

«chadaina 2019» starts 1st of september 2019 - in the Sardines! You'll have to organise your trip to and from the Sardines yourself, but we'll definitely support you in travelling there with other attendees if you want, so to not spend a night with strangers in your ferry-cabin ;-) More details are coming soon, keep an eye on our newsletter, or subscribe to it. Registration for Chadaina 2019 will be open as of the fourth quarter of 2018.

Late Summer 2017: Southern Alpes

«chadaina 2017» ended September 16, 2017 in Livigno. In our newsletter we will be happy to inform you about future events. You will find the registration for the newsletter at the end of this page.
chadaina 2017

What is «chadaina» and who are we


«chadaina» is Rhaeto-Romanic and means «chain». No worries, though - bikes with belt- or kardan-transmission are welcome, too!

The idea

Our idea is simple: to spend a week of joint motorbiking with other gay motorbikers every other year. We take care of accomodation (middle-class standard), provide planned tours and other activities, and we facilitate experienced tour guides. We would like to provide you with a platform on which you can enjoy our tours with friends or make news friends.

The concept

In a seven day period we discover 2 - 3 regions in the Alps. On relocation days participants form small groups to ride to the next destination. Every group is accompanied by an experienced tour guide. Day-trips and other activities are offered on the remaining days. All tours are well-planned in advance and provided to the tour guides. However, we believe that leaving it to each group to decide on details such as pauses and food according to their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, tour guides are free to modify a planned tour as requested and agreed upon by the group.

The organisers

We are men (and a dog) from Switzerland and from Germany. To facilitate the organisation of «chadaina», we have founded the club During «chadaina» we are supported by experienced tour guides. We are all volunteers, and we do not pursue financial interests with «chadaina». For us, the joint fun and shared experiences are at the heart of what we strive to accomplish.


Johannes and the chadaina crew



«chadaina» is conceived as a one-week motorbike trip for gay (male) bikers. To ensure not to miss anything, we recommend to sign up to our newsletter.

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